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more flava than salt!

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“OMG!!! We tried our Blaz’n Caj’n seasoning in our Gumbo. It was DELICIOUS!  We did not need to add any other seasoning. And you know the people in Louisiana, we love our food well-seasoned. I am getting ready to place another order.”

Tanya D., LA

“Just wanted to let you know I put the seasoning on my salmon tonight.
You’ve got yourself something damn good!” 
Devin B., NY

“This seasoning is everything as described, less salt and more Flava! Your taste buds will thank you.  Best seasoning I’ve used in a long time, Louisiana in a bottle.”
Michelle W., LA

“I used it on my salmon and chicken breast.  This seasoning is the perfect taste of Cajun flavor with less salt making it safe and great taste.  I will be ordering more to pass along to family and friends.”
Jesse D., GA

I can say this seasoning can be used on everything and has just the right amount of kick!  I’ve used it on wings, grilled shrimp, ribs and potatoes. Definitely my new go to seasoning.”
Darteshia D., AR

“Highly recommended.  Taste fantastic!  I have seasoned EVERYTHING with it since receiving it. My family enjoys the taste as well.”
Tam F., AL
(Louisiana Native)

“This stuff is AMAZING! From Mac N Cheese to Shrimp it does not disappoint and it’s kid approved too.  YUM!”
Misty D., GA


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